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We now include a 3-day one on one FREE seminar with your purchase.

Once you purchase our program we go to work with you, going thru the training and videos by email and calls.  You can attend a seminar at any time within 2 full years of purchase.

This gives you plenty of time to study, and even get accounts before you move to the next level of income in this business.  Most members get 5 to 10 accounts very quickly but need a little assistance going to that next jump in their income.  Some new decisions and goals need to be met in order to reach higher levels of income quickly.

“ After 800+ members, and 25 years offering an affordable way for the average American to become self-employed I have seen many people succeed the Plant or Christmas Business Opportunities over the years.  The ones that stay in touch, and come for a refresher course during their first 2 years in business appear to have almost a 50% higher residual rate than the members who try to do this business all alone.”

“Sometimes in life we just need a little help.  And that is what I am here for!”

Paulette Cole

Let's chat soon: 805.302.8482

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