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We are very proud of the success our members have experienced over the past 23 years and hope to see you among them with your very own success story in the future!

Cynthia Smith

My name is Cynthia Smith and I was born in Zurich, Switzerland. I now reside in Austria with my husband Noel and my 3 children. My husband is a youth minister and I home school our children. I joined in June of 2011. I read how the owner had achieved her dreams with her children at her side; so I thought this might work for my family too. My oldest son Hanser has been of great help to me. He has very good sales talents. I believe he will do miraculous things in his life. He has made calls to offices and restaurants for me after school. He has helped me to get 4 plant accounts. Hanser’s voice has changed this year and he does sound a bit older on the phone. I have told him to slow down now, since we are coming to Christmas soon. This is where I personally shine. I must say, it has been a goal to have my story on the website here for all of you to read. I am so proud of my family and how our little business has grown.

Reenie Davis Hale

I knew the first time I saw the website that these guys truly wanted to help people reach their dreams of being self-employment. Follow their plan, work hard, and there is a huge payoff. ! If it were easy, everybody would be doing it! And believe me, there is very little if any competition.

With a full-time job, husband, 4 kids and a big house I needed a break. Now my husband understands the potential of our Plantscape business too, and has been a big help! Pamela is an incredibly wise and generous person. I plan to continue to make her proud!

I got a three-year contract for our local hospital, plus they had me install 27 plants after Christmas! I AM NOW OFFICIALLY A PLANT LADY! I also got 2 more two-year Christmas contracts so I stopped looking for more work this year. I paid for the entire inventory I used this year, and made a hefty profit. Just counting the existing contracts I have for the next several years, I’m already ahead $12,000.00. Plus I own about $4,000.00 in inventory to re-rent over and over again.

P.S. 2/04/14 I now have 6 Christmas clients and make over $11,000.00 a season, that I can count on each year, and a few more scheduled for this season. My only plant contract is still the hospital but we are up several hundred dollars per month. The replacements are only about $25.00 per month so I am making a huge profit and I love doing it.

When I first joined Green Concepts I made a promise to myself that one day I would be on your website as a success stories. I am now a success. I look forward to seeing my letter on your website for the entire world to see!

Natia Araya Montoyo

Hello everyone, my name is Natia, and I live in Los Lucas, Mexico. We are a small town outside of Cabo San Lucas. Our city is quickly growing and prospering. Cruise ships arrive here daily and much growth is happening in my town.

I first contacted Green Concepts in 2010. This is something I can do from home. I am not an educated woman, but I am a determined woman! Pamela said something to me that I will never forget, “If you go to the website and your heart races with excitement, you’re mine, just join and get it over with!”

I have thought of this often and wondered how she knew me so well? We have different cultures and ideas but one item is the same, I can trust her, this is very important to me. Over the last 2 years I have been honored with 12 plant contracts, and 9 Christmas projects. I am not going to tell you how much I make per month, but I will tell you I am comfortable. I take my time and choose my customers carefully. I will have 2 more Christmas customers this season. I even turn down work that I think will be too difficult for me. In my country, this is a miracle.

I am very grateful to everyone in the office, especially Christina the Spanish translator. She has made everything work. It has been enjoyable to get to know her. In the future, I will enjoy a trip to meet them in person in California soon.

Caroline Brading and Phil Schroeder

My brother and I joined both programs in 2006. We got 3 accounts within the first month. The books suggested meeting once a week in a neutral place to strategize as partners and we took that advice to heart. We met, promised what we would get done, then reported back to each other, made changes, then got back out there. Our local Denny’s Restaurant knows us by name and is now a plant account too.

I thought I would take care of the plants and my brother would find customers, but it turned out I was better with face-to-face meetings; Phil liked installations and watering. It’s weird how we thought our strengths were exactly opposite. I have landed 9 jobs. We just finished installing plants in a retirement home last week. I love what I do now and have already quit my job. I just couldn’t work another day for someone I didn’t respect.

Kimberly and Tony Tucker

Tony and I have always loved plants. We have more plants than furniture, and this plant business has really brought us closer together. We tell everyone we’re a husband and wife team. We both quit our jobs last summer and now spend our days watering plants. It’s a very peaceful life.

We have 32 Plant accounts ranging from $90 to $675 a month. The smaller accounts only take a few minutes each week and are very profitable. A large account will soon be increasing from $400 to $625 a month, maybe a little higher when it’s all said and done. Clients keep begging us to offer Christmas Decorations, so I guess we will become Christmas Scapers soon.

Johnny and Rita

My sister in law was all fired up about your Plant Business and asked me to consider being partners with her.  I thought why not? I now think I like it more than she does. I do all the sales and she waters the plants. We are both so independent it works out well.

Last month I gave a bid to a huge new Building opening soon, and we landed the lobby and entire building project. We are doing plants for each floor and the property manager offices.This will be our biggest account to date and makes our 17th account in all. Right now we are making around $4900 a month but with this project it will be closer to $5500 soon.

We certainly made our investment back quickly and are now on to greener pastures.


 John and Rita

Richard Malugani

It has been a while since I last emailed you and I wanted to give you an update on how we are doing. Business is good. We have three car dealerships, four banks, and a cell phone store.

 We keep referring to your books and DVD training to keep us focused. We have two accounts that hired us for short-term events that have turned into signed long-term contracts.

Thank you for your confidence in us, and your ongoing support, this has helped immensely.

Richard Malugani

 Sweetpea Services

Thomas Spencer

Now that I have served my country I wanted to be my own boss. I have had a lawn mowing business since I was 10 years old so hard work is nothing new to me. My family encouraged me to check out the Internet for more ideas and that's when I found The Plant & Christmas Franchise Green Concepts.

So far I have 12 Interior Plant accounts in less than a year, and a few I am working on that should be new customers soon.  Customers still need plants to fill up their offices and I am just the man to provide those plants!

Last year was my first Christmas season,  and I focused on outdoor shopping centers only.  I had 4 jobs and everyone has already signed up for next year. For someone as young as me to have my own business is really great.



Martino Fernandina

I came to this country almost 20 years ago knowing if I worked hard I could have the American dream. And it is true! I have worked very hard, in my Plant business I have 7 part time helpers and 2 full time workers including myself. My mother does some of the bookkeeping along with my wife.  Our family has a good life.  “The family that prays and works together stays together.” That is our family motto and it has paid off.

I am living the American dream and I own it all to Green Concepts!

Thank you from the bottom of our heart,

 The Fernandina familia

Julie Bernal

Thank you so much for asking me to write about my success with Green Concepts.You and your staff have been absolutely wonderful to me.  I feel a special kinship to Natalie and Victoria in your office.

I joined Green & Christmas Concepts 3 years ago.  I was worried my little business would not get off the ground but I have been pleasantly surprised! For the first 2 years I kept my full time job. I didn’t want too much work and actually turned down a few Christmas jobs I thought would be too much for me. One gal was so nice: she said she wanted to hear back from me when I was ready to take on more projects.  I have focused most of my attention to the Plantscaping business, which is my first passion.

I made it a personal goal to get 1 plant contract a month and so far I have pretty much done that. I now have 28 Plantscape contracts that automatically renew themselves every 12 months. I quit my insurance job last year. Plus my husband was much more agreeable when he saw all those checks that come every month. I use your contracts provided in the books exclusively. They are amazing and cover every event that could possibly happen.

The security of signed contracts means no one can cancel in the middle of a year and this makes me feel secure.   I especially love the coupon books you invented. It’s so nice to be able to eliminate billing each client every month. Again GENIUS!

I haven’t even talked yet about Christmas. I think I will leave that for a different reference. It’s going to be fun to see my picture on the Internet.

Sincerely Yours,

Julie Bernal

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