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We are very proud of the success our members have experienced over the past 23 years and hope to see you among them with your very own success story in the future!

Amma Gomerez

I joined back in July 2008 and have 16 Plant clients on signed contracts. I look to make quite a wonderful profit, and next year I will begin my Christmas Business. My husband had a stroke last year and it feels good to know that I can take care of myself if I need to.

Fred Tillera

I’m a single dad with two great kids and full time custody. I have worked 2 jobs just to make ends meet for years now, and I was never with my kids. They are growing up right in front of my eyes and I feel like I am missing moments I will never get back!

I looked for a long time for the perfect franchise, and have researched quite a few in details. They were either too expensive, too hard, or I felt like the company was not going to be there for me when I needed them. I have tried medical billing, health products, multi level marketing, and Herbalife in the 80′s, so when I found Green Concepts I thought it must be too good to be true. The low price made me skeptical but I was wrong.

They return my emails quickly, and called me when I asked them. The first account was harder than all the others, but now that I understand the formula it’s much easy. The “water language” is easy to understand and the plant replacements are very low. Even my kids help water now. I have hope for the first time in a long time, that things will be ok. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Green and Christmas Concepts!

Louisa Lynn Majoria

Even though I am only 24 I have always known I would do some sort of business on my own. I love Christmas! My mother and I are very happy we found both Green Concepts & Christmas Concepts. People didn’t take me seriously at first since I was so young but I was very serious about being a plant lady so finally they took a chance on me. My mother helps with the paperwork and I do all the plant care and decorating. I have 8 plant accounts, and 5 Christmas accounts. My 2 older sisters help too. We joined in 2013 and are on our way! Thanks you guys, you’ve been great.

Percy James Johnson

I am a third generation minister. I knew I might always need to supplement my income and felt called to Green and Christmas Concepts. I had been looking for quite a while for just that right business, and for some reason I kept coming back to this one.

Not only have I learned how to do this business, but their wealth of knowledge has actually helped my ministry as well. The books gave me a unique insight into how a successful person thinks, and I can see how Pammy became so successful. The books and tapes very clearly map out each step. I also found the training by video to be not only educational but also quite humorous. We recently received the new “click and drag” software and my 9-year old daughter taught me how to use it. I included the schematics in my last 2 proposals and I must say the clients did enjoy the realistic way their offices would look. In both instances I do feel this software enhanced my proposals and was one of the main reasons both proposals were accepted so quickly. The client was able to visualize how their offices would look. It gave them the added confidence to go ahead with the extra expenses right away.

Steven Yasenchek

I’ve been a tooling designer for almost 25 years. During most of that time I worked a minimum of 56 hours a week. I didn’t mind because the overtime pay was great and I loved what I did. Times have changed and I transitioned from design work on a drafting board to design work on a computer. This is when I started to search for another career as I lost overtime pay and work overseas. My wife is a stay at home mom, raising our four children. Green Concepts sounded great, but I was very skeptical as the price sounded too good to be true, but after a few conversations with Pamela I joined with confidence. I was unprepared for what was about to happen next.

While at my bank, I noticed a sad tree that reminded me of the ones you see in a Dr. Seuss book. I told the teller that I was going to start a plant leasing business. The Branch manager overheard my conversation and came right over. He actually asked me to show him how I could improve their Bank. At that point, I had to bend over and search for my jaw that had just dropped to the floor!

My first account fell in my lap. The bank customers were asking who did the plants. So they asked me to leave some business cards for the tellers and to date I have 7 accounts just from bank referrals. Now I control my life instead of a company controlling me! I have never met Pammy face to face, yet she reminds me of a friend I have known for years.

Jim Prone

My name is Jim Prone, and I joined the Christmas program back in 89′, as one of the originals. Almost immediately I realized I needed the plant business too. If I do Christmas they want plants, if I do plants they want Christmas. The books and videos have made it really easy for a stubborn guy like me to understand everything.

I now make about $8,000.00 a month, and I have 6 part time helpers who water the plants and I go around and say howdy to everybody and just check up on them.

Christmas has been real fun too. I just go in there and tell um I’m going to decorate for them and they say ok, simple as that! We make a load of money, almost $20,000.00 each holiday. Last year our profits were almost 75%. We rent the same decorations over and over, and boy those bows and balls make us a bundle.

My wife is careful to store everything in boxes and bags, so we just pull the tree or wreath out fully decorated, fluff and deliver. I trade out one of my car dealerships for extra space. He gets a decorated tree each year for the showroom in exchange for the storage space in the back of their yard.

From the bottom of my big old Texas heart, thank you for all your help!

Lynn McCune

A couple of years ago I read an article written about Green Concepts and finding a good franchise. I was so impressed that I called to ask for suggestions. Pamela actually answered the telephone; she actually works in the office like a real person. She encouraged me to find something I could really see myself doing. The strangest thing happened next, I opened a magazine called Home-Business Magazine and there was a picture of her. I felt like it was fate. I joined and I now have 47 accounts, and I make more than my husband, but he has great insurance so it works out well for all of us. Green Concepts has changed my life and my family’s life forever.

Maureen Vallencourt

The week before I graduated from Cal Poly I went to a lecture. The keynote speaker was Pamela Lee Cole of Green Concepts. She talked on entrepreneurship, and I was moved to tears by her passion. After college a prestigious firm hired me, but I could not stop thinking about some of the things she had talked about, namely the freedom from office politics and the fear of never really having job security. I decided to try the plant business part-time. Within 6 months I walked away from a great job that I loved, but no longer needed.

I give my professional recommendation to the Green Concepts plant program. The wealth of experience has guided me and potential pitfalls have been avoided. Why re-invent the wheel? Currently, I have 37 accounts and making $9,265.00 a month, and growing.

Bonnie Reed

I joined Green Concepts 2 years ago. I love plants and this seemed like a perfect fit. I had a job I liked but never really felt appreciated. I was paid well but my boss was a jerk.

Fitting my job, family and new business together was a challenge at first. The books suggested picking one night a week and telling the family I had a job and then close my office door. I would not answer their calls or banging and it took a few months for them to really believe me.

I quit my job within a year and have never looked back and have also lost 25 pounds too. I have 36 accounts and 3 part time helpers that water. I have not bounced a check now in over 2 years. Well anyway, this is a wonderful business. They are great people and really want to help you succeed.

Liz Doyle and Susan Belkavich

Liz & Susan here: We’re sisters and have always talked about having a business together. One evening our husbands called our bluff. They said, “What are you waiting for?” and we looked at each other and said, “They’re right, what are we waiting for?” That very evening we started searching the Internet for a business and found the Plant & Christmas website and knew it was the one for us.

Hollywood companies come here to make movies in Canada now, so we rent plants to their sets. The set directors have begun to call us pretty regularly. We use all the wholesalers provided both in Canada and the States. We know we are not your typical members; Pamela told us a business is a living thing, and it will direct us. If we had tried to control it, we would have short changed our dreams.

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