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We are very proud of the success our members have experienced over the past 23 years and hope to see you among them with your very own success story in the future!

Stacy Roche

No one in my family has ever owned a business before. I didn’t know anything about plants and nothing about bookkeeping or how to even have an office at home. Pammy was very patient with me and I even quit a few times before I got it right; one time for almost a year. She called me one day out of the blue and asked me to try one more time, so I said ok. I started emailing regularly like she asked, and things started making sense. My parents are so proud of me. I have 11 accounts so far but I know I will get more and I am making $2815.00 a month now.

Thank you for that one last call Pamela, I couldn’t have done it without you!


I love my little plant business and probably won’t want more than 25 accounts. I like having time for my church, school & friends. Right now I have 16 accounts, 4 beauty shops, 2 churches, 4 restaurants 2 dental offices and a few companies too. The congregation of my church has really helped me, and I have even rented plants for a few weddings too.

I have not done any Christmas projects yet but I did do a wedding that asked for a Christmas theme with plants and lights and that was really fun and I made good money. No one will ever be able to fire me again, and I love that feeling. Thank you Green Concepts for not only helping me learn how to have a business but also for giving me the confidence to achieve my life-long goals of independence.

Debbie and John Colby

Having a GREAT TIME; wish you were here. This is our first vacation in years. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. The books, the video training and your support has made all the difference. The training seminar really put us over the top with confidence. I am seriously considering coming out to see you guys once a year just for a refresher seminar.

When I think of you and how loyal and friendly your staff is, the only word that comes to mind is “superior”. Our business is doing great and you definitely have my endorsement.

Sally Burton

Here is an email back and forth with one of our members:

Subject: help!  I called a car dealership with really poor looking plants. He said he would consider a bid; here is what I was considering for his showroom. What do you think?

Subject: from the desk of pam,  You are bidding too low for the amount of plants plus his existing; raise the price 40% higher. Trust me, it’s too low!

From Sally: I’m getting worried  I haven’t heard back and now I’m worried I charged too much. If he is blown away by the cost, I was thinking of calling him and asking if he would like to consider if I lowered the cost. What do you think??

Subject: from the desk of pam  Don’t you dare! The price is right on. Wait a week, the next person who speaks loses, if he says the price is an issue that means YES talk options, call if you want to role play a bit first.

From Sally: Well my goodness he took it!!!!

Actually he responded within a few days. I had set up a business email account and b/c it was new I hadn’t bothered to check it. In his email he said he had tried calling without success (b/c new business answering machine was not functioning yet either) Live and learn right? Anyway he took the whole thing as is, didn’t even try to talk me down! YOU WERE RIGHT He said lets start fresh, doesn’t even what to use his old plants! Pamela, I can’t believe how easy this was. No email, no answering machine, and I still got my first account and for a higher price than I would have dared do on my own.

Thanks Pam,

Linda and Mark Appleton

My husband is a window washer by trade so we started looking for something a little safer to add-on as a supplemental to our existing business. We considered a lot of different options but he liked the idea of being inside on rainy days. The plant business seemed like a good fit. We already had clients who liked us and would consider adding plant care to our contract. There is no liability, it’s warm inside during the winter, he never gets sick anymore, and we have hired someone else to do most of the window work.

We have found Green Concepts to be a perfect add-on program to our existing business. After only 2 short years my husband makes more with the plants alone, than my full-time job of 15 years.

I’m a much happier wife, our home life is less stressful, and we are closer in our marriage. In fact I can safely say Green Concepts might have even saved our marriage!

Bob Riviera

Thanks for helping me with that last contract; I really don’t think I would have gotten it without your help. I think it’s great that I get to finally be on the website with your other successful members. I’ve included a photo with this letter. When I lose some more weight I will send you a better one.

My name is Bob and I joined Green Concepts 3 years ago and Christmas Concepts this past year. I thought the plant business would be easier and if any of my plant customers wanted Christmas then I would join. Sure enough, around August my clients started asking me to do Christmas Rentals so I joined and it’s been quite a ride. I know I will never do as good a job as the designs in the portfolio, but my customers don’t seem to know the difference. In fact, they seem so grateful they don’t have to do it themselves that I don’t think they care what I do, as long as they don’t have to do it themselves!

The first year I think I under priced my work, so this year I raised my prices almost double and no one even questioned it! I still like the plant business better than the Christmas, but the money is great so I will keep on offering it.

Darla and John Campbell

My husband and I have worked hard to be one of the success stories on this website, and am proud to say I will be giving notice at my full time job this coming January. With both of us working full time, it was hard to get the amount of accounts we wanted quickly, so Pammy suggested we hire a go-getter sales person to help us get plant contracts quickly. Our sales gal got us so many accounts we were forced to slow her down, so we could catch our breath! It’s been like having a third partner.

We make so much money now I never even balance my checkbook. I just write a check and know there is plenty of money to cover it. If you’re looking for a fast buck, this business is not for you, but if you’re willing to put your time in, and be patient, you can have a wonderful business. We recommend Green Concepts highly to anyone considering becoming self-employed.

Miguel Barranon

To the Reader from Green Concepts:  Pamela sold her last little Plant Business to a long-time employee and Cal Poly Graduate here in San Luis Obispo.

Miguel had worked in every phase of our operating for over 6 years, graduated with honors and was ready to branch out on his own.

We wish Miguel Barranon our best, and with that, here is his story:

Dear Pamela and the gang at Green Concepts,

I want to tell you guys how excited I am about my new business and how thankful I am to have been given this opportunity. I’ve always wanted to work for myself, especially after watching all the members do so well. I will proudly keep the legacy alive. I just want to tell you from the deepest part of my heart, thank you for believing in me!

Working for Pamela in San Luis Obispo these past 6 years helped mold my future. I learned how to hold myself to a higher standard.

All the success I watched our members go thru is happening to me. Just from listening to Pam on the phone has taught me how to get accounts and it really is as easy as she says it is. I was having a drink one night downtown and I told the manager he needed plants and he said, “how much?” and I got my first account! Then my mom told her hairdresser about my new business and now I am installing plants at their beauty salon next week. Word of mouth is amazing!

I am extremely thankful for everything that you have done to get me ready for this business, and I promise to never let you down.

Abraham Isaiah Sanchez

I have been a member of Green Concepts for a little over 18 months now. I am an engineer for a large company here in New Mexico for almost 20 years now. The salary and benefits really help, but I want to have more income and security when I do retire.

I work the plant business a few hours a week, and have 11 accounts. I was like other members, I went into the bank to set up my business checking account, and my first account was actually with my bank. I now do 5 other bank locations, and have been referred to 2 more for next month. If I get these 2 new accounts I will have a total of 13. I can see my future is bright!

Careen Brandings

I have only been a member for 6 months but I love this business so much! I have 5 accounts and I make $1325.00 a month already! I water plants 2 part time days a week, and the water language from Pammy keeps the plants happy and healthy.

I have 4 bids out right now and I am sure 2 will sign up in the next few weeks. The other one is so large I hope they choose someone else. I want to keep my business small and this one account would take a lot of my time. I doubled the price I usually ask and if they accept then it will be worth it but I really don’t care either way.
I have followed the training books and try every suggestion they offer, and it’s actually been easier than I thought. I just go in there and tell them they need me, just like that. Every time I feel like I need a new boost watch the DVD’s over again. The great thing about having your own business; I get to choose who and when I do business with someone. I love that!

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