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We are very proud of the success our members have experienced over the past 23 years and hope to see you among them with your very own success story in the future!

Nanci Terrell

I’m a school teacher and love what I do but the pay sucks! When I have a bad day, I can sit back and smile knowing I will be watering my plants when the school day is over, it’s very peaceful and the plants don’t talk back!!!!

My customers have been great about letting me water the plants around my active career, and I have lost 12 lbs too. I am now making over $2200 a month and the extra security is great! Thanks you guys.

Emily Howell

I wanted you to know about my latest account. I had a friend who knew a friend so I got a meeting with the decision maker for our local power company. We really hit it off and after much discussion I was awarded a Plant contact for 6 of their locations. Pammy even stepped in on a board room conference call to negotiate and I must say she knows her stuff.

Well here is my new quality problem: They have already asked me to provide Christmas Rentals and it’s only June! Who thinks about Christmas in June? Pammy is right, it feels like they are throwing money my way, and opportunities like this only come around once so I’m taking the Christmas plunge.

Rebecca Hendrick

I worked for a plant company as a watering technician so I knew I could make a business for myself. I started searching the Internet and found Green Concepts. Watering the plants is a piece of cake but I needed help learning how to bid and price jobs, plus where and how to find customers. The books were so informative. Pammy and Customer Service return my emails quickly, and I must say the “Photo Club” is genius. Being able to see what other members are doing helps me be more creative on my own projects. I am generating just shy of $2950.00 a month now with 3 more bids out and growing.

p.s I have 9 residential accounts, 15 commercial accounts and 5 restaurants so far.

Marie & Eric Williamster

As a corporate employee, the fear of downsizing was weighing heavy on my heart. No one in my family has ever been self employed and they continually tried to discourage me from trying my own business, but I would not give up. I want the independence so when I found Green Concepts it seemed like a good match for my love of all things green.

As an African-American woman I knew going in that I would have adversities but I have been pleasantly surprised. Customers just want someone who will do a good job and keep their word, and I can do that! Even as I have succeeded my family still has been skeptical, and I just pay them no mind now and head out each to take care of my 11 accounts. I’m not making as much as my corporate job yet but I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and the peace of mind has put years back on my life. I am going to join the Christmas program in a few months to gear up for that opportunity as well. I know I will succeed at this too. Thank you so much Green & Christmas Concepts and to Pammy, you are my rock!

Tom Bloomingsron

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am to have joined your program. The training was so simple and there are really funny insights that had me in stitches on your videos! Being able to see inside the workings of her existing Plantscape company has given me great insight. The entire process of starting and running my own business has been a smooth and exhilarating process. In my first 6 months I acquired 8 solid contracts and I have 2 bids out and I feel confident they both will be sign. Thanks again again.

The Kosicic Family

My adult children and I are very excited to finally be working together! After retirement I wanted to stay active & productive, and with my son and daughters assistance we have really make a good show of both the Plant and Christmas business. This really is a country of opportunities, and with a little hard work anyone can succeed. We just hit the $5000.00 per month mark and my daughter gave notice at her full time job. I know my children will be successful even after I am gone.

Diana Jackson

I am half way to quitting my full time job. I hired a college girl on a very part time basis to help me with sales since I had no previous sales experience, and I thought I would need some help. Pammy suggested this might be a good way to learn how to get my first accounts if I could afford it. It was the best expense I made besides joining! She has moved on now but has left me in a very good position with several clients signed up for automatic yearly renewals. If you are considering a change in careers this is really a fun one!

Patricia Hartman

I’m a registered nurse, well let’s say I was until Green Concepts. I joined the program 2 years ago to get the chance to bid the plant job at the hospital I was currently working at. Over the last few years the hospital has gone through several management changes and it was getting very stressful. When my husband said why not check out something else I began looking on the Internet for a business. When I read the website I stopped looking. There was a sincerity that I really liked. My husband actually bid the job for the hospital for me, we got it, we set it up, and I quit my nursing job. I have never looked back. Also the training seminars tapes have really helped my confidence.

Christi and James Woodhead

We’ve been with Green Concepts a long time now and when Pammy asked us to put our story on the website we were delighted. We always dreamed of having a business where we could work together.

We started with residential homes, which are definitely a lot harder than commercial accounts, but since I have a friend that was a real estate broker for a new group of high-end homes we went for it. We started with renting plants for their model homes, 5 total all in different themes. The interior designer was great to work with which I hear now is unusual.

After that we did almost every homeowner in the community, then their country club, then some of the homeowners offices and it just started branching out from there. All in all we did almost 30 accounts in 3 years just from this group of model homes alone. Then the Country Club wanted us to do Christmas so we joined Christmas Concepts and we are now doing Christmas for everyone in the area.

We highly recommend Green and Christmas Concepts; this business has truly changed our lives.

Toni Waterman

I was thinking of you the other day, and I must say, I’m really glad I joined. I love my business. As you know it took me several months to land my first job, (I was truly ready to give up), but Pammy stepped and guided me thru the areas I was struggling with. She called me! Now I have a total of 17 clients, and I believe I will have several more in the near future.

So again, thanks

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