Presidents Message | Green Concepts



Hi there and thanks for reading this.  I know your time is valuable and I hope that the information we have placed thru-out both of our websites will give you a realistic view of what your business could look like.  

I know that compared to most websites we are not very modern but we offer a wealth of information that you will all be asking if you consider joining most any reliable Business Opportunity or Franchise that you are now considering.

Starting any business begins with the basics.  We have over 800 buyers who have either build a Plant Rental Business, or a Christmas Rental Business, both or they learned from me how to do their own current business better.


For whatever reason that you were drawn to our site, I hope you will spend some time and really get to know us!  I am available when you need me both in choosing if we are a good fit for you or in helping you build your current business with higher net profits.


It has been my great honor to pass on what I have learned and to see it prosper like a healthy growing tree!


Namaste to all


Paulette Cole

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