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What will it cost me to get a new customer?

The clients up front payment to commence the yearly contract they signed with you, will cover the cost of all (or most) of the plant materials.  When they pay you each month plan on the first, second, and even the third  month to absorb the container costs.  From the 4th month on, you are 100% profit less a little time to water each month and the ocassional replacement.

Here is an example:  If their contract is  $100 a month, their upfront payment will cover all the plant materials. Their second months payment of $100 and possibly their 3rds payment of $100 = $200 will cover the cost of any containers and expenses to date. From the third to fouth month on, its 100% profit less a few hours a month to water and care for your new plants. They sign a minimum 1 year contract, and if they like you and your services, they will never let you go.

We had several clients who signed multiple year contracts IN ADVANCE just to make sure WE never let them go, or raised our monthly contract price!

Are there any additional expenses I should plan for now?

We advise new buyers to have $500 extra available to get their business license, ficticious name report, new checks from the bank with your business name on them, a few plant watering supplies, business cards… that sort of thing.  We also recommend if you have the time, to join at least one local networking group.  Different groups meet at different times, some in the mornings, some over lunch and some in the evenings.  By surrounding yourself with other small business owners you will learn a plethera of new information every time you attend. These networking groups usually have a speaker with great information and every one shares hot new leads in your area. You get to practice what you will say to clients, wear that new outfit we worked on, and collect leads to follow thru with that next week.  Never let a hot lead go cold!  More about that in your training.

What is the Photo Club?

Sharing knowledge and ideas are powerful tools. Current and past members share photos of their work, plant questions, and brag about installations. It’s fun and an easy way to continue your plant education and stay connected with other Plant People!  The photo club as well as newsletters, past training articles and webinars are accessed directly from this website. Your plant photos could be the next to appear in our Photo Club!

Will I need Website presence on the Internet?

Yes internet presence is essential in todays economy! You will want an illustrated professional Website.We now offer you a beautiful fully illustrated website FREE with purchase. A good website takes a lot of time and money to prepare.  We have taken this entire process to a whole new level.  We created an amazing informative website ready to launch, just for you!

What if I don't have a "Green thumb"?

We developed a “water language”  that anyone can follow.  We have used this exact method for over 35 years so we have it down to a science, no matter where you live in the world.

You will have 15 easy to care for plant choices, and each plant has an exact watering need based on height and pot size. Once you have a solid watering count, write the watering and care instructions on a 3 x 5 card and ANYONE can help water your plants for you, even family members or friends.

Where will I buy plants & containers?

We will show you how to work with local sources as well as our national wholesalers. With 800+ members we have lots of sources for great plants and containers. By purchasing locally you also have the opportunity to return any choices you may not need after the installation.

What if I have a full time job?

Most members do have a full time job at first. You will find several in our “Success Stories” area of our website.  Corporations appreciate a family run home-business. From experience they know home-based entrepreneurs work harder!

Note from pamela: When I first began the plant business,  I took my twin daughters to help me water the plants each week: clients watched my kids grow up, we spent quality time together and we had fun watering and caring for the plants together.  Jennifer enjoyed misting and trimming the plants, and Victoria liked to wipe the leaves and make them shiny.  We had a ball, they practiced spelling words, and the plants got great care.

Will clients take me seriously if they think I am new?

Your clients will never suspect you are new unless you tell them. That’s the beauty of this business! You will have trademarked references showing clients you are part of a franchise with over 800+ members worldwide. They will be confident knowing you are part of a nationally recognized organization that will deliver a quality product. “Your new clients will trust you with big budgets just like any other Plantscaper.”

The leather portfolio you receive is amazing.  Its a black leather classy piece, that zips all the way around to keep the laminated pages clean and new looking.   When you present this portfolio for clients to review they will be very impressed with YOUR work.

How much time does an average account take to water and care for?

For every $100 Plant contract,  plan on giving that account 4 to 5 hours a month.  Accounts are watered every 9 to 10 days.  Humans are on a weekly schedule but plants are not.  Plants like to dry out between watering so we do not recommend watering weekly.  Here is another important fact in giving you independent freedom in this business.  Since humans are on a weekly schedule, clients will initially expect you to water on the same day and time each week.  We do not want them to assume or think we are on THEIR scheduleWe are not!  We are on the plants schedule.  Once the secretary or your contact person understands this fact, they no longer expect to see you at a certain day or time.  You and your plants are now  INDEPENDENT of their weekly routine.  They love your plants in their space, and want them to be beautiful at all times.  Once they understand you do too, and will there to service as the plants request rather than the clients request, they begin to go about their merry way and forget to try to control you and your service times.  If something comes up and you need to stretch the watering days, yuo are now free to do that.  If it’s cold or rainy, most plants will prefer less water less frequently.  During the Christmas Holidays, offices are close for a few extra days. The plants love this.  No energy, no activity, just being in that space along to grow, and the do.  When its hot out in the middle of summer, you might water a day or two earlier that usual.  YOU choose, and of course the plant will tell you what they want too.

Why do you call buyers "members", and what is our relationship with Green Concepts?

Thats a great question:  When buyers join they are able to access homework, all the contacts in PDF, your website and back end coding, The Photo Club and all other areas of this website to learn from each of our older existing and more experienced members.  Months of arthived Newsletters with questions from all over the world are there in the homework area too.  All the homework, photo club, all your pdf’s and website materials are located within this website.  You can log in and out whenever you want without any involvement with Green or Christmas Concepts.  The click and drag software is downloaded into your computer and you receive a 2 hour dvd with personal one on one training directly from Pamela.  These are simple design classes giving you options and choices when you meet with your new potential clients. There are NO ROYALTIES or any additional costs to pay to Green Concepts so you can have as much or as little involvement with our offices as you like.  When you need us we are there = When you are growing your business and don’t need us as much, we are less present.  You also receive weekly updates and articles by email that will probably answer most of your questions as you go along.  You can call Pamela when you need her, or email Customer Service for general questions.

We are very accessible, and want you to know we are here for you when you need us.

What type of company rents plants?

We’re so glad you asked! Car dealerships, hotels, retirement homes, banks, restaurants, engineering firms, architects, insurance firms, corporate offices, banks, beauty shops, day spas, fitness centers, surgical centers, medical facilities, hospitals, dentists, building lobbies, property managers, financial institutions and any company who wants to impress their clients.

In fact, many of our highest paying customers were in large buildings you probably never even knew were there.

Next time you see a tall building consider this: That building has a potential for at least 50 plant contracts in that single building alone, then scan the horizon and count how many other buildings you see, now multiply that and you have enough accounts to last a lifetime!

Here is a perfect example: 10 accounts, say a few car dealerships, couple of banks, hotels, retirements homes = just average locations will generate between $1000 and $2500 a month!  Once you get a signed contract, just keep the plants looking good and get paid each and every month forever! With our coupon monthly payment method you can even avoid billing the client each month.  This will guarantee your check is imputed into their main computer and your check will be printed and signed and mailed usually the same day the check is cut! These companies must honor their signed contracts.

By focusing on professional companies you can count of a certain income each and every month, because these are the types of companies that pay their bills on time each month!

Will I need a greenhouse, van, truck or special equipment?

NO to all those questions!  You will not be storing any inventory! You buy only the exact plants needed for each spot based on your signed contract .  Once the contract is signed, then you buy your plants.  When you have a signed contract and the installation date set, you can pick up the plants from the nurseries, and head right to the client. The plant goes thru less shock, and goes right from a cozy nursery to a cozy new home in your clients office.  Remember too, olffices have controlled air, and plants love that.  Many wholesalers will also deliver, or consider renting a van just for that one day. Keep it simple, and your profits soar!

Are there any royalties or fees after I join?

No, there are absolutely  NO ROYALTIES. You will pay a one-time fee and your FREE Website is completely ready to launch instantly!

* FREE website with purchase.  There has never been a better time to begin a plant rental business.

Can I see an example of the FREE website I will receive when I join?

What if I want to do this business with a partner or friend?

You are free to structure your business plan anyway you want however, you may ONLY operate your business from a single location.  If each of you are in the same city, this should work fine, but if you are in separate cities or states you must purchase 2 separate programs.  The agreements you will sign upon joining us,  only allow for ONE location per purchase.  All invoices, contracts and payments to you from your clients, must be one single address.  On another note as long as we are talking partners:  There is an old business proverb, “Always sign a partnership prior to doing business together!” and we agree.  Better to agree on terms prior to engaging in a partnership than to risk any misunderstandings afterwards. Pamela has worked with several partners in the past and has offered her mediation time for free to assist in this important step. We even recommend a simple agreement in writing and notarized, if you are married.

What is "Water Language?"

Over the years Pamela needed to find a way to talk to her water technicians over the phone, without actually visually seeing the plant in question. 35 years of Experience  taught her exactly  how to understand the plants needs by a few simple “Plant signs” that the tec would tell her. By explaining what the plant signs were Pamela could figure out exactly what the plant was asking for.  “Plants talk to you if you know their language!”  Pamela was then able to increase or decrease the by-monthly watering count based on the signs the plant was telling her.

Next time you go to your sink at home, take our a measuring cup.  Fill the cup full. Now slowly pour that water into the sink and count slowly 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.  When you say 10, the cup should be empty.  Practice a few times till you learn how far to turn your wrist so at the count of 10 the cup of water is empty.  Now visualize a plant on one of your new jobs.  Lets say for the sake of this conversation you have a 1′ philadendrum (it’s a basic simple plant with green and yellow marbled heart shaped leaves)  This is a very basic hardy long living trailing plant.  When you place this plant on a job along with the others, you will list your plants, and email Pamela. She will then give you an exact water count for each and every plant.  Over the new new months, lets say one of the plants begins to get yellow leaves. Right away you email Pamela and give her that particular “plant signs” She may have given you a count of 5 = which is 1/2 cup of water. Now she increases to an 8, so you are now going to give the plant a bit more water each time you service.  Some accounts will take a little fine tuning to get all the plants happy, but after that, you can give these same exact plant instructions to any Tom Dick or Harry to water for you.

It takes about 6 weeks for YOUR instincts to kick in.  After that, you will have learned your plants “Language”: making it easier to understand all your plants when they begin to talk to you.

As you build your business you will be using the same plants from the same nurseries and every time you buy a 6″ philadendrum you will water the same amount.  It’s easy after a while to completely understand your plants. On a side note: If people were like plants we would all be happier.  Plants will tell you exactly what they want and what they need.  You will walk up to your plants and have them greet you telling you they love you and are happy and well fed, or they will tell you, pay attention to me, I need more love and water.  This might sound a little corny, but its true.  Plants do talk!

What if I don't know much about watering or taking care of plants?

We only suggest 10 to 15  plant varieties.  You will use these same exact 10 to 15  varieties over and over on ALL our jobs. By using tried and true plants, your profits are much higher, and each variety gets the same amount of water when you service your accounts.

Your “Water Language Training” is detailed in the books and DVD training, and will prepare you for any plant situation. You can also check into the Photo Club to see similiar symptoms and solutions.

Where will I find customers?

When you see plants at that bank, fast food or fine dining restaurant, hotel, hospital, or medical office did you know they were probably rented?  Everyone needs a Plant Service to look established and professional.  The slowing economy has actually helped the Plantscape Industry.  The same companies that have downsized now have more money to spend contracting out services.

You will learn how to find customers who are looking for a Plant Rental service right now!  You will learn how to present yourself professionally and shine ! Your minimum contract will be around $100 a month, and your maximum could go as large as $2500.00 per month.  The more professional you present yourself, the higher each contract price will go.  Easily 10 to 15  contracts can replace a full time job, and your monthly income builds quickly!

Consider calling Pamela and ask her, ” How easy will it be to find clients?”  You will be surprised how easy it is…805-302-8482

What kinds of contracts will I need to prepare for this business?

Great question.  NONE!  We give you ALL  the inside workings of our own large Plant Rental Business.  All the contracts, invoices, billing coupons, written references, basically everything from our office! We give them to you in written form in the books, then in pdf to download to your computer from the homework area of this website.

There are several different types of “Plant Contracts” too.  1) 100% Lease 2) Maintenace of their Existing 3) Maintenace of their existing with a Partial lease.  There are many different types of plant clients out there, and we want you to be prepared for all of them.

footnote: Our Plant Contract Agreements have been carefully reviewed by several attorneys over the years.  Many members have taken these actual agreements to their own attorneys to have checked out.  The contracts have always passed with flying colors, in every state checked.  You want your to client sign an agreement that locks them into a ONE year or multiple year contract.  They can not cancel this agreement, or they must pay off the entire contract year, IN FULL prior to removal of the plants.  We wanted this contract to be non-intimidating, have it appear easy going and casual,  with the least amount of verbage possible, while still having all the little elements to protect you, your plants, and your company . Your client will not be able to cancel your contract, and when they pay their 13th month, this same exact signed contract automatically rolls over to include an additional year.  This ongoing contract agreement will lock them into a professional relationship with your company for an additional year.  Then each year their 13th month rolls the contract over again for a year.  That creates Guaraneed INCOME!

How is the economy influencing the plant industry?

In 2011 we saw a slight decrease in signed contracts, right at 5%.  According to our 800+ members, we hear corporations are holding on to the plant contracts longer because once the plants are gone, their image disapears.  Plants are the illusion that keep a companies professional  image going in good or in bad times. A company will let go of their cleaning service before they let the plant service go.  Plant Rentals is a very secure position.  Imagine for a moment, a nice looking office with lush living plants in beautiful pots=  Do you have that image in your mind?

Then imagine what that same space would look like without all the lush greenery. Your customers do not want to visualize how their facility would look if the plants were removed!  Many times if a company is downsizing they will even take your plants to their new location rather than let you go!!

*As of June 2013 we are finding member plant contracts increasing. New offices now lease the furniture, equipment and computers, water and coffee service, plants and even employees.  These same clients must pay their vendors each month or the structure of the business falls apart.  They need us as much as we need them, and thats the truth!

What type of insurance will I need to do the Plant or Christmas Business?

If your client does not require you to have insurance, their property policy accrues all liabilities. As you are bidding and going after larger and larger jobs, a future client  will require you to obtain a simple policy of  third-party liability coverage. It’s a few hundred dollars a year, and this policy will now cover any and all projects, current or past for your entire business.  You can get this type of policy thru any local insurance company.  We suggest waiting until your client requires it.  Keep it simple!

In 30 years as a major plantscaper in Southern California, with 25 employees,  and 325 plant contracts, we only had 2 insurance claims. We won’t go into the details here but if you are curious email pamela and she will tell you what they were. Nothing big, and the insurance company handled both claims quickly.

How many plants does it take to install an average plant account?

An average account that you will charge $250.00 a month for might take 10 large plants or 20 small plants or a combination of both. The cost of your contract will be based on the wholesale cost of the plants and containers you provide the client, rather then how many plants you actually will be using.

What kind of uniform or outfit should a Plant Man or Plant Lady wear to meet with clients?

We have several articles in the books on proper attire. Dress is casual but classy.  One of the reasons we ask you to send us a current photo is to help you design an outfit for success.  We staple your photo to your file folder here in the office, and when you call or email we pull out your file, and we can see and remember exactly what you look like. Many times, new members will take photos of outfits they are considering and even email them to us for our opinion and suggestions.  We want to help you with anything we can, to help you feel confident in your new business.

“You never get a second change to make a first impression, and together we can help make your first impression a really good one!

You will receive a great looking pine green and white hand embroidered apron and cap. It’s good looking, and gives you an instant “Brand” messaging.   We recommend keeping it in your car at all times.  If you are driving by a location with a “Grand Opening SOON” sign , and you are feeling pretty confident that day, put on your apron and cap and walk into see if they need plants.  I also recommend keeping your beautiful leather portfolio in the car too.  It’s VERY impressive and will give you something to carry in for extra confidence.  Visualize for a moment, the owner is running around inside working with plumbers, and carpenters, trying to get his place open by the deadline.  He is spending money left and right just with the basics.  He probably has not even thought about the final decorations or even thought about plants yet.  He will focus his eye on the décor only a few days before he opens the doors. Then visualize for a moment: you pull up, and walk in with a great looking apron that says “The Plant Man” or the “Plant Lady”, and a leather portfolio under your arm.   He understands instantly why you are there, and he sighs and says, “Thank gosh you’re here!  We need plants in here before the Grand Opening!” That is the fastest contract you will ever get signed!!!!

This exact scenario happened to Pamela many many times over the years, and we hear regularly that members have followed in this same exact footstep too.  Finding clients is easy when you are prepared!

I'm worried about competition? What about territory exclusives?

When you join we will be asking you to send us 2 things: A current picture of yourself, and a local map with the cities and zip codes in your area.  We then review our in house zip code program, import any new zip codes added to your area, then physically  compare your actual local map, just to make sure your territory will be saved for you. We will make sure to chart the zip codes surrounding your home to give you security that no one is going to join and create undue competition for you for a full year.

We will be teaching you how to find clients quickly without any advertising. Thats right! no costly advertising, not even in the yellow pages!  We built this business from the ground up, while raising 2 children alone, and living on a very strict budget.  We found ways to find clients quickly without expensive advertising. Finding clients is not that difficult when you know where to look and what to say. Plus, with your informative FREE website, client will find you quickly for free!

How does Green Concepts help prevent competition for us, a new buyers?

When you join we ask that you send us a local map for us to double check zip codes near your home or office.  We chart your area when any new potential buyer contacts us.  We can not offer an exclusive territory however we can and do let potential buyers know that your area is not available for one full year from your purchase date.  We turn down business on a regular basis to help you build your business and have confidence in our loyalty to you our newest member!

Why not just buy a few plants and then water the plants themselves?

Companies don’t have time to go out and buy find and buy the plants, transport them to the office, or  find nice containers, and who is going to water them after they place them? Who is going to decide what plants will do well in each area?

A plant service achieves a lush classy image instantly !  And a plant service maintains that classy image for years to come. Companies now budget plant service as a necessary expense they absolutely can NOT live without!  And you GET PAID the same exact great monthly amount per account, month after month, year after year, for the same exact plants. This truly is residual income at it’s best.

Can I name my business anything I want?

YES of course you can name your business anything you want:  Or you can choose our trademarked and nationally branded names Guaranteed Green and Guaranteed Christmas.  Naming your new business is part of fun, and a very personal decision.  We recommend the name be simple and easy to remember.

Is the Plant Rental business a GREEN business?

Yes the Plant Rentals Business is considered a green business, and MANY clients will pick your services just for that reason alone!  In fact, clients get tax write off’s now  for choosing GREEN businesses, as well as minority owned business as well.  In 2013 Entrepreneurship is UP all over the world.  In fact many of our current buyers are from outside the US, and we love that!  Everywhere in the world, hotels, offices, restaurants and retirement homes need plants to make their space look lush, professional looking and inviting!

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